The 6700 Bearing is a Jewel Among the ACER Racing Inventory

For decades, racers who demand excellence first and foremost have come to trust the team at ACER Racing. This undeniable fact should come as no surprise – after all, we've garnered a reputation for providing our success-focused customers with the hardest balls in the industry. Whether they're in need of a 6700 bearing for lightning quick RC racing or various performance enhancing products for bicycle racing, at ACER Racing we'll blow away the competition, every time.

Our 6700 bearing is a 10x15x4 mm bearing that is made from our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing material. Lubed with our famous SIN lightweight synthetic oil and sealed on both sides to protect against contamination, these bearings can be used in a variety of racing environments. In fact, the only bearings that could possibly rival them are some of our other options, like the 608 bearing, for instance.

A perennial favorite, the superlite 608 bearing is proven to operate at a higher standard of performance, and has even been put to the test by World Champion speed skater Peter Doucet. Using the 608, the dynamic Doucet was able to reduce his lap speed from 10.3 seconds to 9.98 seconds – a truly dramatic improvement!

Whether you're in the market for our 6700, our 608, or even our mr106 bearing (the preferred bearing of many top pros), you can do no better than ACER Racing. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you're racing performance is optimized with truly tough ball bearings and other vital products. Trust ACER Racing, and you'll immediately see the difference of a top-notch racer.