Test Lead Wire

At ACER Racing, we don’t sweat the competition. In fact, it’s the competition that sweats us!  We offer nothing but the highest quality parts when it comes to hooking up your next RC ride! So whether you’re up against fellow hardcore enthusiasts or simply racing for fun, you’re gonna love how fast you can go! You won’t find any other place that serves you top shelf essentials for the smoothest and speediest results.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Why don’t you take our test lead wire for example? At ACER Racing, our Superworm silicone wire is just what you need to take you places! Designed and trademarked with speed and superiority in mind, you’ll get the most durable and flexible wire for all your racing needs! You’ll see that only the best racers shop for the Superworm silicone wire. No matter what your next build is, keep our silicone wire in mind to get you the high-speed performance you crave!

So if you’re on the hunt for a 12 AWG wire, look no further than ACER Racing. With tons of options to choose from, finding the right 12 AWG test lead wire is easier than ever before! Masterfully crafted with hundreds of pure copper strands, the results you’ll get will amaze you! It’s all about using the best materials to make a difference in speed, strength and truly exhilarating performance. You can’t find this kind of quality anywhere else for all of your upcoming projects!

Our silicone wire test leads can be used for everything from RC airplanes, RC cars, and even drones! Yes, that means you can even fly high above the rest! So when it comes to finally wiring up your electrical system, our silicone wire can help you conserve power, regulate temperature and even make battery life longer. Talk about serious perks! Even if you’re working within a specific capacity, our broad range of options can help you find the perfect fit for your build. To put it simply, our test lead wire with silicone insulation is your best bet for an awesome day at the races without worrying about any unexpected bumps on the road. That’s right, there’s nothing slowing your ride down when you use the top-notch materials available at ACER Racing!

So what are you waiting for? ACER Racing has got everything you need for a better, faster and smoother ride no matter where you go. As always, we provide our customers with only the finest parts while keeping that first place trophy in mind just for you. So stick with us and get all your silicone test lead wire needs here at ACER Racing!

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