Sprag Clutch One Way Bearings

ACER Racing is known as the home of the hardest balls in the business, but bearings are also a big part of what we offer and, when you need sprag clutch one-way bearings, we’ve got what you need. What makes these bearings special is that they turn only in one direction and are able to transmit torque without creating any backlash. These bearings also serve as high quality replacement parts for home appliances and much more!

These type of bearings can be used as freewheels and they are also often utilized for such uses as overrunning, indexing, and backstopping.  Torque is transferred through an external keyway to the housing and shaft via a key way that is internal. Requiring relatively little maintenance ACER Racing sprag clutch one way bearings come filled with grease. The inner diameter is 35mm, the outer diameter is 72mm, with a width of 17mm.

Experts and enthusiasts agree that ACER Racing sprag clutch one way bearings are the best of the best, and we stand fully behind all of our products. Whatever kind of product you’re looking for when it comes to RC racing products and other applications, there is no substitute. For more details on how to race faster and to get in touch with us directly, please visit our contact page. We offer outstanding deals on shipping and more.