R166 Bearings Represent the Industry Standard in Quality Racing

At ACER Racing, you'll find a team that is renowned the world over for providing the fastest, lightest, smoothest and hardest ball bearings in the industry. Since 1989, we've pioneered technologies that allow remote controlled models to race faster and longer. In fact, our ceramic nitride pro-series silicon nitride differential balls have even stunned the RC racing community by achieving a 79% weight savings and even greater durability, hardness and smoothness than Tungsten Carbide balls!

The impressive durability and efficiency of our ball bearings are on full display through our r166 bearing. Made from our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearing material, the r166 features dimensions of 3/16 X 3/8, and can be used anywhere that a bearing of those dimensions is required – including electric motors and countless other consumer and industrial-grade machines.

Like any industrial ball bearing, the r166 is a crucial product that can make the difference between success and failure on the race track. They are an essential component in a wide variety of products, and simply put – their acknowledged as the best and most precisely manufactured bearings found anywhere.

Our reputation for having "the hardest balls in the industry" is no mistake. The quality and performance we offer has received praise both nationally and internationally from the top hobby magazines. However, the greatest compliment of all comes from the allegiance of our many loyal customers in the world of RC racing and biking. Whether you're in need of an r166 or 6700 bearing, or any number of other racing essentials, you can always trust the team at ACER Racing for top quality.