Performance Level Components from a Championship Team

At ACER Racing, we don't accept anything short of the best results, and neither should you. From competitive RC car drivers, to dedicated enthusiasts, or even casually hobbyists, having access to the best materials matters. The right components can vastly improve the quality, performance, and longevity of any machine, and our award winning team wants to make sure you get your hands on the right stuff.

Our custom made silicone wire, for example, significantly outperforms anything else out there. Rather than settling for PVC based wires, experience the ACER Racing edge with our Superworm wire which is more flexible, thinner, lighter, and yields less electrical resistance than competing wires. With increased efficiency you’ll be able to enjoy better performance that results in less power consumption for better temperature handling, and a longer lasting battery.  Available in gauge capacities that include 12AG Wire you’ll be able to find the specifications  you need for your won specific project.

Well known and respected throughout the industry for championship level results, ACER Racing continues to lead the pack in design and engineering. Made famous for our ceramic ball bearings, all of our components are top of the line and preferred by championship winning drivers in pursuit of the checkered flag. Our ceramic nitride pro ball bearings make all the difference when it comes to quality results, improve performance, and even save you money by lasting longer.