Here are some links to some of our favorite websites.  We've been in the business for 20 years so we know good RC when we see it! Visit them and support them.

RC Car Action
: The leading RC car magazine. They are the most respected RC publication around.  Remember how excited you were to get your first issue that you read 50 times until it was tattered and torn?! We do! They put on the RC Expo yearly which has really helped draw more people to the industry and this hobby.   

Big Squid RC
: For the latest in RC news. This site updates their info regularly and are dedicated to the hobby.

: This forum is amazing.  Over 5 million posts and 70000+ devoted members with answers to all your RC questions. 

Tower Hobbies
: Who hasn't ordered something from Tower Hobbies at some point in their lives? They have a wide selection, excellent customer service, great prices and really good discount coupons that are emailed to you which let you save big $$ on your orders.    

HPI Baja Forum :  The 1/5 Scale HPI Baja is just amazing.  If you have seen one of them in person you know what we mean.  And it is an incredibly engineered buggy.  This is a great forum for all you Baja fans.  The members are all Baja addicts, very informative, helpful, and friendly.

Turtle Racing Products :  USA Manufacturers of billet parts for the HPI Baja 5B.  If you own a Baja you have to check this company out.  Their products are bulletproof and beautiful too.  Check out their racing clutch system. WOW!

The Vantage Collection : Who says we only have favorite RC sites? Well The Vantage Collection is headed by Nicholas David who has a Master's Degree in Vehicle Design from the Royal College of Art in London (not to mention his engineering degree). He knows everything about Aston Martins and is one of the most knowledgeable people on cars.  The Vantage Collection has created the most stunning carbon fibre parts for Astons including carbon fibre rear diffusers that would make James Bond blush. Aston owners must check out this truly talented company.