High Quality RC Racing Components

At ACER Racing, we strive for championship level perfection. Every part and component in our inventory is world class and among the highest quality available. For over two decades, the ACER Racing name has given the edge to competitive drivers and enthusiasts alike for superior results and high performance. With our pioneering and industry leading technology, you’ll immediately enjoy the benefits of the ACER advantage.

With our popular silicone wire you’ll be able to gain more from your project than you ever thought possible. Unlike conventional PVC based wires, our wires are engineered using 680 strands of pure copper wire for increased flexibility and durability. The superior craftsmanship of our silicone wires allows for decreased electrical resistance and better overall efficiency. Available in 8 gauge (AWG) capacity as well as 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18, our silicone wire is sure to fit any need. Whether you’re operating an RC car, remote control airplane, or a quad drone, you’ll be able to experience the ACER Racing edge.

As one of the most respected names in the industry, ACER Racing is the brand award championship drivers trust. Made famous by our ceramic ball bearings which have long been the bearings of choice for serious enthusiasts. Offering the best movement and the smoothest transition of anything the competition has to offer, these lightweight, low friction bearings allow for a marked increase in racing performance and last much longer than other components. If you’re ready to experience true championship results, our team is standing by.