Embracing Championship Design with AcerRacing Engineering

At AcerRacing, our team was founded on a winning tradition. We work hard to give competitive drivers the advantage they need to reach the checkered flag before anyone else, and make the top spot on the podium. All of our world-class components are designed and built within in the same tradition and drive for excellence which is why professionals the world over utilize our products, like our high quality 6700 bearing to help them achieve the best results possible.

The ball bearings we provide go above and beyond the rest and help any RC model gain the edge over the competition. These bearings allow for maximize tire rotation, reduce heat transfer and wear and tear, and allow for smoother performance by eliminating friction. They are the key for any racer looking to maximize speed and control. Our ball bearing technology utilizes ceramic nitride and is lubed in SIN lightweight synthetic oil on both sides to protect against contamination. We offer our bearings in a large variety of sizes to help meet any need from 10X15mm to mr106 bearing (6X10mm) size. In addition to our ceramic nitride pro series, our topnotch bearings are available in polyamide sealed for the racer on a budget and tried and true teflasonic sealed. Whether you’re a professional RC driver looking to gain every advantage over advantage over your opponents, or simply an enthusiast with an eye for quality who uses RC machines for recreation purposes, AcerRacing is your one stop destination to find the best components that provide the best results.