Ceramic Skate Bearings

If anyone ever tells you that it doesn’t make sense to go out of your way for the very best in bearings, don’t believe them. Our ceramic skate bearings are an example of what we mean when we say that Acer Racing works hard to provide you with the best of the best. Whether you’re an expert skateboarder who likes to DIY, or a small or large manufacturer of boards, ceramic balls are very often the best choice of all.

Whether we’re talking about a 608 bearing (8x22x7mm) or any other type of bearing, the combination of ceramic and high-quality steel reduces friction, sports a brilliantly smooth surface, and does not expand as the heat goes up. Skaters who prefer ceramics appreciate the improvement in performance and the all-around toughness Acer Racing’s ceramic skate bearings provide. Whether you’re a thrasher out for thrills or a boosted board aficionado who’s fussy about the way your boards are put together, it’s just possible that ceramics make for the best bearings and the best rides. It’s what many skateboarders who expect the very best are demanding.

Working with Acer Racing

Of course, all thrashers have their own preferences. Some like traditional steel bearings, while others might lean more towards nylon cage balls. Whichever kind of bearing you prefer, you can always trust Acer Racing to provide you with the hardest balls in the business. Whatever kind of bearings you’re looking for, just use our site to make your purchase now. If you’ve got questions, we also definitely want to hear from you. Take a look at our contact page now and get in touch.