Ceramic Ball Bearings Speed You to Victory

You’ve got wheels, so you want them to run smoothly. Whether you’re a devoted cyclist, an avid skater, or a passionate RC racer, your wheels need ball bearings. But how do you find high quality RC ball bearings or other racing components online? What material should you choose? Should you base your choice just on price, or do online reviews make an impact? Don’t trust your wheels to the first ball bearings you find – ACER Racing has the best balls in the industry!

What makes our ball bearings so durable and trustworthy? ACER Racing has specialized in ball bearings since 1989. We started at Santa Monica’s Dogtown, where much of skating culture was born. Dozens of professional skaters and racers got their start as hardcore “street” skaters, but ACER Racing was founded to help them keep reaching higher heights. We were the first company in the area to offer high quality ceramic ball bearings, making our balls lighter and more durable than steel. Ceramics have been used by the aerospace industry for decades because this material is light, strong, and can take a serious beating from heat and impact. Ceramic prevents heat from friction from building up – unlike any metal option – so your ball bearings will run smoother than other racers.

Whether you need new bicycle bearings, a smoother ride for your skates, or even an upgrade for your fidget spinner, ACER Racing has the best. Don’t just trust our word, though – trust our 30 years in the industry, trust the rave reviews we get, and trust our customers’ winning streaks!