Ceramic Ball Bearings from ACER Racing Outlasts Conventional Bearings

The ceramic ball bearings from ACER Racing provide the lowest level of friction, allowing for powerful speed and optimal fluidity on the tracks. Our world-class ball bearings enable both the professional and amateur competitor to race fast and hard, smooth and light. It is no wonder that RC and bicycling champions select our silicon nitride ball bearings time and time again over conventional bearings. ACER Racing’s ceramic ball bearings, compared to the coated steel variety, are 79% lighter but are also incredibly strong and durable. Our ball bearings last for an extended period of time, so purchasing a ceramic ball bearing kit or an individual ball bearing from ACER Racing is a guaranteed wise investment. In addition to our ceramic bearings, our shop also offers polyamide sealed ball bearings and permanently lubricated teflasonic sealed ball bearings.

ACER Racing carries ceramic ball bearings for every popular RC model, including Team Associated, OFNA, Yokomo, Kyosho, Traxxas, Axial Racing, HPI Racing, Tamiya, and many more. Our inventory is seemingly limitless; we are always adding new items and restocking products that are in high demand. With over a quarter of a century of experience in the racing industry under our belt, ACER Racing provides the best ball bearings for professional racers known throughout the world.

If you can’t find the individual ball bearing or kit you need, direct your requests to ACER Racing at info@acerracing.com.