Ceramic ball bearings and other Acer Racing products for the fastest performance

Acer Racing, the leading supplier of friction-reducing bearings for bicycles, skateboards, cars, and RC racing, provides the customer with three types of bearings for topnotch acceleration. Our ceramic ball bearings are very popular with our remote controlled racers. These ceramic bearings, which are sold individually by Acer Racing and also in affordable kits, use our silicon nitride balls which are 79% lighter in weight than tungsten carbide balls. A ceramic ball bearing from Acer Racing increases velocity and is significantly reliable and durable in comparison to conventional ball bearings. The bearings we offer satisfy hobbyists and pros alike. Some of the most renowned RC racers repeatedly purchase our kits. When speaking of their victories, these RC stars partially attribute their success to the functionality of our ball bearings.

With nearly a quarter-century of experience in the RC racing world, the Acer Racing team continually recommends the best ball bearings for the respective model. Our shop stays abreast on the latest innovations in bearings, and we have applied our familiarity with ball bearings to develop the best ceramic bearings. We also offer competitively-priced bicycle racing items, including ceramic bearings for bicycles, disc brakes, and titanium screws. Our Superworm racing wire is the conduit for the efficient flow of battery power to your model.

The ceramic ball bearing kits from Acer Racing suit each individual model type. Feel free to contact our shop with your specific questions. When it is time to order the kit, the customer can complete his transaction through PayPal or with a credit card.

Visit www.acerracing.com for more information or call us today at 310-472-8090.