Ball Bearings from ACER Racing Provide Superior Performance

For over twenty years, ACER Racing has provided the industry-standard ball bearing that allows remote controlled models to race faster and longer. After debuting in 1989, it didn’t take long to garner our reputation as “the hardest balls in the industry”, a reputation that is well-earned through a long record of victories among our loyal and growing customer base.

For RC car enthusiasts looking to perform at a professional level, ball bearings from ACER Racing are a necessity. As any seasoned racer knows, a vehicles bearings can differ greatly in life span and quality, and when engaged in a neck-and-neck race around the track, the choice of bearings can mean the difference between glorious victory and discouraging defeat.

At ACER Racing, we understand that a quality ball bearing maximizes the tire rotation of the vehicle, and increases maximum speed. With balls that are 79% lighter than tungsten carbide, our ceramic ball bearings result in an unbeatably smooth and lightning-fast ride, every time, practically eliminating friction completely in tire rotation. This will allow your car to glide effortlessly down the track, leaving competitors far behind.

The superior properties of our ceramic bearings create a superior product that is shatter proof while also providing high performance over time, ensuring an excellent investment for every serious driver. If you seek the speed, control and durability enjoyed by professional-grade drivers, ACER Racing ball bearings are your only option. With ball bearings available for virtually every popular RC kit, there is no reason not to enter the winner’s circle with top-grade ACER Racing ball bearings.