ACER Racing Ball Bearings Result in an Unbeatably Fast Racer

For over 24 years, ACER Racing has provided the premier ball bearings trusted by champion R/C racers. With products like our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series, you’ll be able to race faster and longer than you ever thought possible. With ceramic ball bearings, you’ll enjoy the lowest rotational mass possible during races, resulting in a ball bearing with the lowest centrifugal force contact from the balls. As a result, you’ll experience less heat, less friction, less wear and greater acceleration than ever before.

Due to the quality and consistency of each ball bearing at ACER Racing, it comes as no surprise that our products have helped usher many racers to world and national championships. Along with our ball bearings, Powerpole Connectors, the original RC wire connector, uses silver plated contacts, which are more efficient than gold. Our connectors have nearly zero voltage loss, making them perfect for high AMP applications, and leading to a more consistent, longer-lasting performance. Powerpole Connectors are another example of our commitment to longer, faster, smoother racing.

At ACER Racing, we’re the source of high quality, pro-approved, ball bearings. That’s because we understand that truly committed, professional-grade RC racers require the smoothest, longest lasting ball bearings in the field. If you are ready to race at the level of champions like Chad Bradley, Jeremy Kortz and Chad Degani, try the ball bearings from ACER Racing today. The thermal properties of our ceramic ball bearings, for instance, prevent friction from heat from building up, resulting in an unbeatably smooth, fast ride – every time.