ACER Racers

ACER Racing brings you race proven products. We continuously receive feedback from the track to bring you the best products available. Our ACER Racers’ impressive records speak for themselves:

Greg Degani: First EVER USA IFMAR World Champion!

Drives: Z-Car

Uses: ACER Racing bearings / ACER Racing Diff Balls

Chad Bradley: Silver State & Nitro Challenge Champion!

Drives: Hong Nor

Uses: ACER Racing bearings "...the 5x10mm ceramic bearings last longer than any clutch bearing i'ver ever ran before"


Andrew Smolnik: ROAR CHAMPION!

CEN Racing / ACER Racing
Drives: CEN Racing
Uses: ACER Racing bearings / ACER Racing Diff Balls

Jeremy Kortz: IFMAR World Champion, 14 time National Champion

Hobao/ACER Racing
Drives: Agama
Uses: ACER Racing Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearings


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