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The BEST RC bearing oil ever! A superior blend of synthetic base oils and additive technology allows bearings to run cooler, smoother, faster, longer and quieter. This revolutionary synthetic bearing oil displaces moisture & protects against rust & corrosion while forming a slippery synthetic ionic bond & micro-polishing bearing elements. Formulated to be extremely thin and light for the least resistance. If you use the best bearings, why not use the best synthetic lubricant? Available in a convenient 1 ounce squeeze bottle.

Many of our loyal customers have asked us what the best way is to clean our bearings. And we found a solution! The RPM Bearing Blaster device is a simple and convenient way to clean your bearings without removing the seals! Cleaning a bearing without removing the seal is the preferred method and the Bearing Blaster easily accomplishes just that. Simply place the bearing in the device and squirt some non-chlorinated motor cleaner through the assembly and you are done! Then simply relube with a drop or two of our SIN synthetic bearing lube onto the seal. SIN will seep through the seal and penetrate the bearing without removing the seal. It's that simple.

ACERGoo is the highest performance synthetic grease on the planet. It can be used in ball bearings , gears, CVD joints, anywhere traditional grease is used. It is made of the same synthetic base oils as our SIN bearing oil but in a grease, allowing bearings and gears to run smoother, cooler and quieter.  It has excellent oxidation resistance and outstanding extreme pressure properties.  Special additive technology creates an ultimate slippery coating on parts helping to prevent metal to metal and ceramic to metal contact in bearings and gears.  As with our SIN bearing oil, ACERGOO displaces water from metal surfaces and protects against corrosion.  For high performance racing applications we recommend SIN bearing oil as it is a lightweight oil which will not slow down your ball bearings like a grease can; however, ACERGOO is perfect for clutch bearings, 1:5 scale bearings, gears, dogbones, CVD joints, air filters, skate bearings and any high load high stress location where a super high performance synthetic grease is required.  Any grease will cause greater friction than oil inside a ball bearing; however, many bearing applications do not require top speed or the engine/motor is displacing so much torque that bearing resistance is not an issue.  Hence ACERGoo is also ideal for these situations.

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In the competitive world of RC racing, every second counts. That is why it is so important to invest in the best ball bearings, lube and bearing cleaners on the market. ACER Racing takes RC racing very seriously, and has committed itself to creating the highest quality RC ceramic ball bearings, RC bearing oil, bearing cleaner and synthetic bearing lube available. ACER Racing takes great pride in providing the RC racing world with the highest quality competitive products, and is continuously engineering new products and using new technologies to give the competitive RC racer a critical edge with the absolute best RC ball bearings, lube and bearing cleaners in the world.


ACER’s revolutionary synthetic RC bearing lube eliminates moisture to protect against rust and corrosion; enabling bearings to run smoother, faster and longer for race after winning race. Our SIN synthetic bearing oil is specially formulated to be super thin to offer the greatest protection and lowest resistance allowing your RC model to maximize performance. RC racers know that heat and dirt are two of the worst elements for ruining the car’s ball bearings, which is precisely why it is so critical to have a high quality lube and bearing cleaner. In order to keep your RC bearings clean and smooth, ACER Racing offers the best miniature bearing cleaner, the RPM Bearing Blaster. The RPM Bearing Blaster enables customers to clean their ball bearings without removing the bearing seals. The Bearing Blaster can be used for ball bearings up to 21mm in overall diameter.


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