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ACER Racing presents ACERFiber: it’s our line of racing grade professional carbon fiber sheets in a variety of sizes for your custom made application. Each carbon fiber sheet comes with a smooth matte surface which is lighter than a glossy finish and which results in a beautiful, deep, crystal clear finish without voids or pinholes. It also boasts quasi-isotropic layups for superior strength at every angle compared to traditional 0 and 90 degree carbon fiber layups.

Carbon fiber sheets can be one of the key aspects of creating products that are not only functionally outstanding, but which also offer a major cool factor. 3K carbon fiber plate panel sheets are available in two thicknesses (1.5mm and 3mm) and two sizes that blend with our lighter surface and eye-catching finish. Each selection boasts the kind of enhanced strength you’re looking for when you purchase carbon fiber sheets.

When you’re purchasing any carbon fiber product, you’re looking for materials that are durable, easy to use, and which provide the look and feel you need to make the best product possible. ACERFiber is another outstanding product from the company that made its name from the hardest balls in the business. When you buy any product from us, whether it’s the very best in 3k carbon fiber or ball bearings, you can always depend on a super cool product that won’t bust your budget. To get started, place your order below. For more details about working with us, pay a visit to  our contact page

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