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5X11MM Ceramic Ball Bearing | MR115 Ball Bearing

5X11MM Ceramic Ball Bearing | MR115 Ball Bearing
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Product ID : C007
SKU : MR115
Product: ACER Racing
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5x11mm Ceramic Bearing


Made from our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Material. 5x11mm CERAMIC BALL BEARING size MR115. This 5x11x4mm bearing is intended for high speed use.

For 5x11mm clutch bearings use part C053
For 5x11x4mm ceramic ball bearing for brushless motors use part C069

This is the equivalent of a Tamiya size 1150 ball bearing

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5x11mm Ceramic Ball Bearing

Are you looking for a 5x11mm ceramic ball bearing? This popular item is also known as an MR115 bearing or a 5x11x4mm ball bearing, and can be found here in our vast and varied collection at Acer Racing. The 5x11mm ceramic ball bearing offers low mass and reduced friction, but as light as it is, its advanced aerospace grade silicon nitride composition also makes it shatter-proof. We offer FREE USPS First Class shipping to anywhere in the world for the 5x11mm ceramic ball bearing, with no minimum order.

MR115 Ball Bearing

Here at Acer Racing, the premier destination for all your RC racing needs, we offer the MR115 ball bearing at an extremely affordable price. Also referred to as a 5x11x4mm ceramic ball bearing or 5x11mm bearing, the MR115 ball bearing provides consistently high performance. Shatter-proof and incredibly lightweight, the MR115 ball bearing represents the pinnacle of RC racing design. This marvel of engineering is composed of aerospace grade silicon nitride.

5x11x4mm Bearing

The 5x11x4mm bearing represents the kind of superior quality that RC racing aficionados have come to expect from Acer Racing, the leading provider in its field. This brilliantly conceived and designed product is also known as a MR115 ceramic ball bearing or a 5X11mm ball bearing. Composed of aerospace grade silicon nitride, the 5x11x4mm bearing is both lightweight and shatter-proof. That combination of durability and high-performance makes the 5x11x4mm bearing incredibly sought-after, and here at Acer Racing we offer it at an extremely competitive price.

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