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Silicone Wire

From ACER Racing, creators of the original Superworm Super Low Resistance Super Flexible Silicone Racing Wire comes SILVERWORM: Genuine silver plated copper race wire available in 12AWG only. 

SUPERWORM is available in 6 sizes: 8 Gauge, 10 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 14 Gauge, 16 Gauge and 18 Gauge. Up to 1650 strands of copper wire with a super flexible silicone jacket.  Remember, silver has the lowest electrical resistance of any metal followed by copper which has even lower electrical resistance than gold.  Our wire can be used in any high performance application where a very flexible and very efficient wire is required.  Save voltage, extend run times, race faster and reduce heat with SUPERWORM. Only by ACER Racing: accept no imitations.


ACERBraid Silver 

We have not forgotten the days when we used ¼” flat braided wire to make our battery packs, because we still use them. Why? Because they work better than battery bars. The low resistance copper wire has lower resistance than gold and is specially woven to allow solder to flow through allow more contact between the wire and the battery, not between solder and the battery. We have silver plated the copper wire with the lowest resistance metal: SILVER!! Pure silver over copper, now that's the ultimate. Less contact with high resistance solder allows more contact with low resistance copper wire for the best flow of juice between your battery cells. Try it today!

Product IDProduct Name Price  
SILVERWORM Silver Plated Silicone Wire 12 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 8 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 18 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 10 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 16 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 14 Gauge
ACERBRAID Flat Braided Silver Plated Wire
Superworm Silicone Wire 12 Gauge

Acer Racing Wire

ACER Racing, the leader in RC racing equipment, is excited to provide our RC enthusiasts with the best race wire options in the industry. ACER Racing has three different types of RC wires to choose from; our SILVERWORM, SUPERWORM and ACERBRAID.   ACER’s SILVERWORM racing wire is the lowest resistance RC racing wire in history. Since silver has the lowest electrical resistance of any metal, SILVERWORM racing wire blows away wires made from gold, copper and tin. Our SILVERWORM racing wire is also super flexible with 680 strands, and is set to truly revolutionize the RC racing circuit. SILVERWORM racing wire is the ideal choice for serious RC enthusiasts who want ACER racing’s world renowned quality to optimize voltage, race faster, extend run times and reduce heat and friction. Enthusiasts looking for the most flexible racing wire will love ACER Racing's SUPERWORM. SUPERWORM utilizes 680 strands of tinned copper wire covered by amazingly flexible silicone. Not to mention ACER Racing is currently offering the SUPERWORM racing wire at an incredible deal. Traditionalists also enjoy the old school ACERBRAID SILVER.  ACERBRAID SILVER is quarter inch flat braided wire, which many of us at ACER use because they work better than battery bars.   The copper wire has very low resistance, and is plated with silver for incredibly low resistance. ACERBRAID SILVER provides the best flow of power between your RC battery cells, which is why so many enthusiasts prefer it. Regardless of the type of ACER Racing wire you choose for your RC model, we guarantee the same top-notch ACER Racing quality and performance that enthusiasts have come to expect.