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Traxxas Ceramic Bearing Kits

Product IDProduct Name Price  
Traxxas Slash NITRO Ceramic Bearing Kit
Traxxas Funny Car Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
Traxxas Ford F150 SVT Raptor Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
Traxxas E-MAXX 3903 Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
Traxxas 1/16 Grave Digger Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
Traxxas 1/16 Mustang Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
Traxxas 1/16 Ford Fiesta Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
Traxxas Bandit Ceramic Bearing Kit | Traxxas Bandit VXL Ceramic Bearing Kit
Traxxas Stampede VXL Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
Traxxas S-MAXX 3.3 Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
Traxxas Nitro Sport Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
Traxxas Nitro Stampede Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
TRAXXAS 1/16 Slash VXL 4WD Ceramic Bearing Kit
TRAXXAS 1/16 Rally VXL Ceramic Bearing Kit
TRAXXAS Summit VXL 1/16 Ceramic Bearing Kit
TRAXXAS Stampede VXL 4x4 Ceramic Bearing Kit
TRAXXAS SLAYER Pro 4x4 Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit
TRAXXAS SLASH 4x4 VXL Ceramic Bearing Kit
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Traxxas was founded in 1986, with the goal of offering ready to run (RTR) cars, a novel idea for its time. In 1987, Traxxas introduced a series of electric powered Stadium truck and Buggy models. In 1992, Traxxas released it's first RTR nitro model, the "Nitro Hawk". In 1996, Traxxas released it's first RTR nitro boat model, the "Nitro Vee".

In 1999, Traxxas released the "T-Maxx". The T-Maxx was the start of the monster truck class of radio control racing. Due to the amazing popularity of the T-MAXX, ROAR, the leading RC racing organization in the USA, created an entirely new class to include monster trucks. Following the success of the T-MAXX Traxxas released the E-MAXX which shares the same suspension and differential parts as the T-Maxx. ACER Racing subsequently introduced a full line of T-MAXX bearing kits.

The Revo was introduced in 2004 as a complete redesign of a monster truck chassis with a more advanced and reliable design than the T-Maxx.  In 2005 Traxxas released the Jato 2.5 which was based on the 1/10 scale rear wheel drive stadium truck format and replaced the Nitro Rustler as Traxxas' stadium truck.  ACER Racing offers a full line of REVO and JATO bearing kits.

The Rustler was introduced in 1994 and is Traxxas' 2wd 1/10 electric Stadium truck. We have several Ruster bearing kits including a ceramic Rustler VXL bearing kit.

The Traxxas Nitro 4-tec was first introduced in 1998 and is Traxxas' 4WD nitro touring car. Later in 1998 Traxxas released the limited edition Nitro 4-tec pro. This was a stripped down race version. It did not include a radio system, servos, or even an engine and the body came unpainted which was unusual for Traxxas. The model did however come with most of the then available Traxxas accessories, including many carbon fiber pieces, and aftermarket Pro-Line "V-Rage" performance tires. Nitro 4-TEC owners should check out our unbeatable Nitro 4-TEC bearing kits.

Traxxas has offered many quality kits over the years, with some of the best product support in the industry.  ACER Racing offers over 20 different bearing kits for Traxxas models.