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Superworm Silicone Wire

flexible silicone copper wire

ACER Racing’s  original SUPERWORM is the most flexible high performance silicone wire available anywhere. Engineered using up to 1650 strands of tinned pure copper wire for low resistance and easy soldering.  Available in the following sizes: 8 Gauge, 10 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 14 Gauge, 16 Gauge and 18 Gauge in lengths of 10 ft, 20 ft, 50 ft and 100 ft. We can also custom cut in continuous wire lengths to fit your specific application.  Since 1989 Superworm has been the leader in high performance racing wire. Accept no imitations.

Product IDProduct Name Price  
SILVERWORM Silver Plated Silicone Wire 12 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 8 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 18 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 10 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 16 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 14 Gauge
Superworm Silicone Wire 12 Gauge

Silicone Wire

In the world of competitive RC car racing, a small advantage makes a big impact, and can be the difference between a loss and the podium. At ACER Racing, we provide the world class, top of the line components and parts that championship drivers use to reach the checkered flag. Our silicone wire is world famous for providing an essential competitive edge to deliver unparalleled high performance. Unlike PVC based wires offered by competitors, silicone wire is thinner, lighter, and more flexible for decreased electrical resistance, and better overall efficiency.

Like all of our high quality components, the silicone wire provided by ACER Racing is designed with the highest level of craftsmanship for increased performance and superior results. Trade marked as Superworm wire, this essential component is well known as a top choice within the RC vehicle enthusiast community, which is why anyone looking for 12AWG wire relies on ACER Racing. Once you experience the results yourself, you’ll be blown away by the ACER racing edge.

Because our Superworm wire is engineered using 680 strands of tinned pure copper wire, its flexibility and durability make it ideal for projects ranging from RC cars, to remote control airplanes, and even drones and quads copters. The increased efficiency of our silicon Superworm wireallows for better electrical routing resulting in less power consumption for better temperature handling, and longer lasting battery life to help your project go above and beyond what you thought was possible. ACER Racing proudly offers this high quality component in a range of gauge (AWG) capacities including 8 gauge silicon wire. For projects that require a higher capacity, we offer up to 18 gauge Superworm silicon wire.

Championship Quality

Famous for our popular, high performance ceramic ball bearings, ACER racing is absolutely dedicated to providing unrivaled results through superior technology, craftsmanship, and professionalism. Through over two decades of leading products, ACER racing has become one of the most respected names in the industry. We commit the same championship level of quality to all of our products including our PTFE sealed 8x22x7mm bearing with proven inner cage technology. If you’re looking for the absolute best components, like a 6806 bearing, ACER Racing has what you want to give you the edge you need. Form more information, contact us today at: (310) 472-8090, or you can find all of our products, like our 12 AWG wire, in our web store for easy online ordering.