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Serpent Ceramic Bearing Kits

Serpent RC has been in the industry since its inception.  With over 25 years of racing experience and numerous national, international and World victories Serpent is one of the most respected names in RC racing.

Serpent Racing was founded in 1980 by Pieter Bervoets and Ron Ton and started in 1/8 scale gas powered on road racing. Serpent is known for its proactive involvement in the RC racing market, cooperating with IFMAR and other international and national federations as well as huge sponsorship activities which help create unique rc racing venues.

Serpent has pioneered some of the greatest advancements in RC.  They have advanced full suspension cars, real shock absorbers, 2-speed gearboxes, 4-wheel-drive systems, the now famous Centax (centrifugal-axial) clutch, the INS-Box and many other innovations. Serpent invented the 235mm class and later on initiated racing 200mm 1/10 scale cars.

In 2006 Michael Salven and Ronald Baar became the new owners of Serpent MRC, after working at Serpent for over 15 years.

The Serpent design team includes Michael Salven (multiple world and European Champion) and Billy Easton (World and multiple US champion). They use state-of-the-art 3D design software and use the local Hemstede race track for testing.

ACER Racing has supported Serpent racers from our beginning.  Serpent Racers have achieved numerous victories with our ceramic Serpent 720 bearings and our Serpent 960 bearings. We have the 2008 version of the Serpent 720 and 960 bearings as well.  We also have bearing kits for the Serpent 710, 950, 950R, 960, and 835.