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Powerpole Connectors

Anderson Powerpole Connectors
The original product that started it all! Powerpole connectors outperform all connectors - even hardwiring! Our silver plated connectors have less resistance than an equivalent length of racing wire. What makes the difference?

  • PATENTED technology
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • UL Recognized, CSA Certified, TUV Certified
  • Decrease heat

Powerpole Connectors: The latest & best technology ever to be introduced to the R/C world. This unique technology will dramatically increase speed & run times, decrease heat & extend motor & ESC life. Patented silver plated Powerpoles provide far less resistance than even gold. We provide Powerpole connectors in black and red housings which are rated up to 45 amps (Anderson Powerpole part # 1327 and 1327 G6) with the 30 amp rated silver plated copper contact (Anderson Powerpole part # 1331). 

Try these with our SILVERWORM super-flexible thick 12AWG silver plated copper racing wire and our ACERBRAID 1/4" wide flat braided copper wire for batteries. All available at low prices in our store.

Powerpole Connectors as with all our products are available with FREE SHIPPING.

Powerpole Connectors 20 pair
Product ID : PP20
Powerpole Connectors 45 AMP 10 pair
Product ID : PP08
Anderson 45 Amp Powerpole Contacts 261G2 LPBK Silver Plated
Product ID : 261G3LPBK
Anderson Powerpole Contact 1331 40 pieces
Product ID : 1331
Powerpole Part 1327G6 Black housing
Product ID : PP06
Powerpole Connector Red Housing Part 1327
Product ID : PP05
Powerpole Connectors 10 pair
Product ID : PP02
Powerpole Connectors 100 pair
Product ID : PP04
Powerpole Connectors 2 pair
Product ID : PP01
Powerpole Connectors 50 pair
Product ID : PP03