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The Team Associated RC10 had some competition around the corner: Gil Losi had started Team Losi in the late 1980s and the release of the innovative JRX2 in 1988 started an all out RC war with serious research and development creating even better buggies on both sides of the battlefield.  The JRX2 had unique 5-link rear suspension arms, a carbon-graphite chassis, and all-natural rubber racing tires and was winning on tracks all across the world.
Team Losi has continued to provide a huge array of excellent RC vehicles. With the design excellence of IFMAR World Champion Jukka Steenari Losi cars are some of the best designed RC vehicles in the industry.  Losi's wide array of RC vehicles has also helped to make RC more interesting to the mainstream audience.  The Team Losi XXX-CR, XXX-TCR, and XXX-4 Graphite Plus all carry the Losi banner in electric 1/10 scale off road races. The JRX-S is Losi's legendary touring car. The XXX-NT AD2 is Losi's nitro-powered 1/10 scale truck. The 8ight represents the first US-made 1/8 scale competition buggy. The addition of the 8ight-T Truggy rounds out Losi's nitro lineup with the recent release of the Team Losi 8IGHT 2.0 and 8IGHT T 2.0.
Thankfully Losi engineers decided to make a 5x13 mm bearing standard for the clutches of their buggies and truggies marking a departure from the smaller and inadequate 5x10 mm clutch bearings of the past.  ACER Racing's ceramic 5x13 mm ball bearings are the perfect replacement ball bearing if you are looking for clutch bearing durability under extreme racing conditions.
ACER Racing has pioneered ceramic bearing and ball technology for Team Losi cars from day one.  Our ceramic differential balls are in the differentials of Losi touring cars and buggies all across the world.  Our ceramic ball bearings for all Losi cars continue to be the standard ball bearing for hardcore RC racers everywhere.