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Kyosho Ceramic Bearing Kits

If you lived and breathed RC in the 1980s, you know that the 3 major players were Team Associated, Tamiya and Kyosho.  Kyosho with it's 4WD chain driven Optima buggy and bulletproof Ultima 2WD buggy were serious head turners at any track as they were rare and super expensive in the United States.
But back in Japan Kyosho was credited with over 40 years of RC and the first ever RC car made in Japan: the Kyosho Dash 1 1/8 scale car.  After the Dash 1, Mr. Otsuki created the first Kyosho RC buggy in 1972: the Dash 3 dune buggy. However, shortly before the Dash 3 was released, the Ishimasa Rat Buggy was on the market. Mr. Takahashi (President of Ishimasa), created a unique brand from his combined stonemasonry business in Himonya Meguro (inner Tokyo). This is thought to be the first "Japanese" RC buggy, and featured an ambitious assortment of components: front wheel strut suspension; split rear axle and a layout faithful to the full-sized VW buggy.
In 1985 the world saw the racing excellence of the Kyosho Optima, one of the most revered 4WD electric RC cars in history.  With it's novel use of aluminum and chain driven yet efficient 4WD system, the Kyosho Optima took it's place in the annals of RC.
The Inferno line of 4WD 1/8 nitro buggies started in 1991. Most notable was the Inferno's strengthened suspension and low center of gravity. The Inferno was perhaps the standard for 1/8 4WD buggies and its 6 consecutive IFMAR World Champion victories with the driving excellence of Yuichi Kanai made it the benchmark buggy.  The most recent Kyosho Inferno MP9 buggy uses smaller lightweight ball bearings to save weight without sacrificing performance.  ACER Racing's Inferno MP9 ceramic bearing kit lightens this amazing car even further with the use of our superlight ceramic balls and low resistance synthetic SIN racing bearing lube.
ACER Racing offers ceramic bearings for all Kyosho vehicles.  The Kyosho Evolva M3 and V ONE RRR line of ACER Racing ceramic bearings are the winningest bearings worldwide, continuing with the winning tradition of Team Kyosho.