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Hot Bodies Ceramic Bearing Kits

Hot Bodies RC

What an amazing story: in  six years Hot Bodies has gone from a facility in Temecula California to IFMAR World Champions with the huge win by Atsushi Hara and his D8. 
In 2002 Tatsuro Watanabe, owner of Hot Bodies, opened the first Hot Bodies facility in Temecula, California. The initial Hot Bodies product line included racing bodies and hop-up parts for the R/C industry. Hot Bodies became a major player in the R/C market with the release of the Lightning RR Ready-to-Run (RTR) 1/8th scale 4WD nitro buggy, followed by the Nitro Tornado RTR 1/10th scale touring car. Later in the year HOT BODIES stepped up performance to an even higher level with the Lightning Pro buggy which featured hardened alloy parts, universal axles, sticky tires, and extra chassis strengthening. Expanding beyond surface vehicles, Hot Bodies launched its first radio controlled airplanes, starting with the easy-to-fly Skywave RTF park flyer. The Skywave was electric powered and featured a wing-over design for stability. Next up was the A-7 Corsair fighter jet. The A-7 Corsair was powered by a nitro engine with a realistic ducted fan, with the authentic looks of a modern jet fighter.

In 2004 Hot Bodies took the lead in the emerging monster truck market with the release of the popular Lightning Stadium line of 1/8th scale monster trucks. The Lightning Stadium RR RTR became an instant success on the track with its low & wide stance.

In 2005 Hot Bodies’ off-road racing success was soon joined by the on-road Cyclone 1/10th scale electric touring car. World Champion Hot Bodies team driver Atsushi Hara helped design and tune the Cyclone into a car that quickly began winning on road racing circuits around the world. With the success on the race track came two limited production special editions that celebrated the race wins of the top Hot Bodies team drivers, the Cyclone Hara Edition and Cyclone Surikarn Edition.

The racing ability of the Cyclone platform was highlighted when team driver Andy Moore drove his Cyclone to victory in the IFMAR World Championships in 2006, perhaps the most prestigious win you can get in the RC car arena. In celebration of his outstanding racing achievement, the Hot Bodies Cyclone Moore Speed World Champion Edition was released, complete with all of the go-fast parts Andy used to win his IFMAR World title.

Hot Bodies in 2007 took aim at the off-road electric racing scene with the introduction of the Cyclone D4 1/10th scale electric 4WD buggy. The D4 quickly racked up wins around the world, making it one of the most popular 4WD buggies. Later in 2007 the D4 WCE World Championship Edition was released, featuring the go-fast parts that the Hot Bodies team drivers used to take victory in its first event at the IFMAR Worlds Warm-up race. Next, Hot Bodies expanded the competition line-up with the release of the Cyclone 12 1/12th scale electric on-road pan car. The Cyclone 12 kit includes state-of-the-art chassis design and the latest in high tech materials. Destined for success, the Hot Bodies team drivers took their Cyclone 12's out and swept 1-2-3 at the highly competitive 2007 IIC race in Las Vegas, then went on to win the European Championships with their Cyclone 12's 2 years in a row.

ACER Racing ceramic ball bearings for Hot Bodies cars , trucks and buggies are world famous.  We offered ceramic bearings for their cars from day one and our lineup now includes ceramic bearing kits for 8 different Hot Bodies RC vehicles. We have Hot Bodies Lightning and Pro ceramic bearing kits, Cyclone ceramic bearing kits, the World Champion Moore Speed Cyclone ceramic bearing kits and of course the D8 and D4 ceramic bearing kits .