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GS Racing Ceramic Bearing Kits

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GS RACING STORM/PRO Ceramic Bearing Kit
GS RACING VISION Ceramic Bearing Kit
GS Racing

In 1995 General Silicones (GS) began to produce silicone products for R/C companies.
GS Racing was established in 1998, and the R/C world was introduced to their high quality and colorful silicone accessories. In 1999 GS Racing expanded their line of products to include both nylon plastic and aluminum R/C accessories. In the summer of 2000 GS Racing introduced their first car, the 1/8th on road Sonic RTR car kit, the first 1/8th on road car to bridge the gap between 1/10th sedans and high end 1/8th race kits. The spring of 2001 saw the introduction of the GS Racing Storm PRO and RTR 1/8th Off Road buggies. In 2002 we saw the 200mm Vision Touring Car.

GS Racing products have been used on many ROAR and NORRCA National Championship winning cars, as well as numerous ROAR and NORRCA Regional winning cars. GS Racing silicone products were used to capture an IFMAR World title in 2002. In 2003 they introduced the industry’s first out-of-the-box race level monster truck, the SUT. The SUT won the 2003 NORRCA Nationals and keeps winning.

ACER Racing offers a ceramic bearing kit for the GS Racing Vision and Storm as well as the Storm Pro.  Our Storm Pro ceramic ball bearings are an ideal replacement bearing for hardcore racing.