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Fishing Reel Bearings

ACERFish is our latest line of high performance fishing reel bearings. Constructed entirely from stainless steel to a mirror finish with super smooth and lightweight balls, topped off with our slippery USA made SIN 100% synthetic oil allows you to cast longer, farther! Available in all popular sizes.

At ACER Racing, our world renowned bearings aren’t just the best for racing applications. Our line of fishing reel bearings is the preferred choice for the experienced and beginning fishing enthusiasts alike!

Fishing reel bearings from ACER Racing can be easily installed into your standard fishing reel. Made out of stainless steel and boasting an attractive mirrored finish, our fishing reel bearings are made with 100% synthetic oil to help you cast your line that much farther. Of course, fishing reel bearings, like all of our other bearings, are always built to last so that you can truly get the most out of your fishing reel. On top of that, our high performance fishing reel bearings are also available in all of the most popular sizes. For virtually resistance-free rotation, ACER Racing fishing reel bearings are the number one choice for any fishing excursion.

The dedication to quality that we put into our first class skate bearings is, of course, also reflected in our fishing reel bearings. If you’re serious about fishing, you need to rely on the best fishing reel bearings to help you cast your line longer and much farther. After all, when you’re reeling in that prize winning fish you need a bearing that won’t let you down! 

For the best performing fishing reel bearings, we at ACER Racing offer the number one line of quality bearings that everyone trusts. Next time you’re heading out to the water, be sure that your fishing reel includes our first class ball bearings for a top-notch fishing experience.

Trust ACER Racing for the Best Fishing Reel Bearings!

At ACER Racing, we’re proud to be known for the hardest balls in the industry! To learn more about our fishing reel bearings and other various high quality ball bearings, we encourage you to get in touch with us through our contact page.