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Corally Ceramic Bearing Kits


Corally was founded out of a hobby of Constant Paul who is also the owner of Corally. His two decades long contribution has marked a milestone in RC history. During those years Corally has shown its excellent taste in using high tech materials that evolved out of their R&D. That led the company in winning multiple World -, European -, and National champion titles. For years Corally has worked in close collaboration with team drivers in order to warrant the best possible product to end consumers that led to many successful titles on track.

Corally has always been famous in its latest research and development in 1:12 and 1:10 scale for 2WD and 4WD RC cars. For example Team Corally has developed a fully automatic machine that glues tires on wheels and trues the tires. Team Corally has developed a one of a kind fully automatic battery matching machine with which Corally has had the capacity of the fastest upgrades of Sub-C cells available.

In recent years the Corally RDX Phi EU and US Version of 1:10 scale cars have become extremely popular. ACER Racing has developed an incredible ceramic bearing kit for the RDX Phi cars as well as ball bearing kits for the RDX Carpet and Assassin.